About Us

Adventro is a travel destination where you can explore several captivating locations that fall beneath the great Himalayas. Our location is in the lush green mountains of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. We have all the activity types of equipment, adequate safety gear, and required items set up for you. Get unlimited fun and enjoyment with lots of pleasant memories to cherish for a lifetime when you book the adventure of your choice.

Travelers can experience the world’s adventures at Adventro. We founded Adventro with the goal of making travel and adventures enjoyable and convenient for everyone. However, we are aware that your safety is just as important as your trip itself.

There are many activities available at Adventro. There are many things to do in Dharamsala, and these activities are spread out throughout the lovely valleys of Himachal Pradesh. We recognize the importance of making your first Experience memorable. As a result, we have prepared all of the necessary items for you, including the appropriate safety equipment.

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Great Workforce

We have chosen the top men for the job in order to successfully plan the trip. It’s part of our job to interact with new people and offer them the resources they need to have a successful adventure trip.

Quality Over Quantity

Your time and money are valuable to us at Adventro. We, therefore, ensure that we provide the best services possible. We only provide experiences that are up to par with our standards and can deliver a positive customer experience.

Safety First

As an adventurous trip organizer, we ensure to find the right activities for you. We will suggest, guide and advise you like a companion since we don’t compromise safety at all.